Self regulated industrial heat strip

For freeze protection, you will want a low to medium temperature, self-regulating, heat trace cable. Otherwiseit is self regulated industrial heat strip and in excellent condition. In fact, it's likely to stay at a fairly cool temperature — which is right where it has the highest energy draw. So why do I need a control? Most of these layers are fairly self-explanatory.

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Self regulated industrial heat strip
Self regulated industrial heat strip

What "Self-Regulating" Really Means

The word "self-regulating" seems to say that the cable will come to a certain, set temperature, and stay there for as long as it's powered on, which would usefully eliminate the need for any thermostat or other means of temperature control. Circuit Length 75 ft. Watts per Foot 40F 6. Temperature Controller Styles Curious about the occasionally bewildering variety of different temperature controllers available? Item Self Regulating Heating Cable.

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Self regulated industrial heat strip
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Heat Trace Cable

In those cases, it's specified exactly because of its inherent high-limit feature, which removes concerns about the cable overheating and damaging itself and the work load. All in all, the one-time cost of a temperature controller will almost certainly outweigh the costs of self regulated industrial heat strip energy bills, downtime, pipe or gutter replacement, and any other costs that might spring up with uncontrolled heating cable. But it would be a mistake to think "self-regulating" cable can regulate a system to precisely the temperature listed on its spec sheet, even to within a broad deadband. Self-limiting cable is actually used fairly often in industrial applications that need to maintain a temperature within a certain range.

Self regulated industrial heat strip
Self regulated industrial heat strip
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